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  • X-X’ configuration.
  • Connection Hardware and Torque Tube included with the Assembly.
  • User defined Strokes and Spacing.
  • Center Drive Right Angle Reducer offered upon request.
  • Multiple Carts Available upon request.
  • Mounting flexibility in either horizontal, vertical or inverted orientation.


  • Center to Center spacing is the distance between each actuator cart’s center line.
  • Each X-X’ system can be supplied with the following items upon request, T-slot sensors, Gearboxes, or Motor mounting adaptors.
  • Some X-X’ systems include cable track. Please refer to the Product Specification download document for the standard size.
  • Motor sizing information is provided in the Product Specification download document.
  • For Travel requirements over Standard values contact Macron Dynamics for assistance.



Motion Horizontal, Vertical
Max Speed - Horizontal[Vertical] - mm/sec 5000[3000]
Max Load - Horizontal[Vertical] - lbs 75[50]
Repeatability - mm +/- 0.025
Moment Load - in-lbs[Nm] 50[5.64]
Positional Accuracy - mm/meter +/- 0.4
Acceleration Max - Gs 5
Recommended Belt Running Load - lbf[N] 437[1944]
Cart Guide Track roller with round rail
System Weight - kg ((Travel in meters x 3.9) + 3.5) x 2
Motor Sizing Information
Weight of Cart - lbs[kgs] 5.5[2.5]
Weight of Belt - kgs based on travel selected (((Travel in meters x 2) + .64) x .12) x 2
Travel per Revolution - mm 150
Pulley Pitch Diameter - mm 47.74
Pulley Material / Width - mm Steel / 28.9
Breakaway Torque - oz-in 30-32
Coefficient of Friction N/A
Rolling Resistance - lbs / kgs 0.008 / 0.004
Travels (25mm increment)
X Axis Travel - min to max 150 to 5825

Configurate a MDS-M6S

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Travels (in 25mm increments)

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Gearbox: None
Motor Mount: None
T-Slot Sensor: None
Mounting Kit: None

User Guides

Gearbox Installation graphic
Gearbox Install


User Guide Maintenance


EDC PDF Thumbnail
EDC Distance Coupling Installation



Single Axis Actuator Videos


Item # 399-25, Tensioning Tool – 12mm & 25mm Belts

Item # 397, Torque Wrench 25-250 lbs-in