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Inline and Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes

Macron Dynamics MPG inline planetary gearboxes and MRG right-angle planetary gearboxes are designed to eliminate the need for motor mounts used in a typical linear actuator drive system setup. These gearboxes are a direct bolt-on installation for any Macron linear actuator. The gearboxes design eliminates the need for couplings and large mounting brackets, essentially making the actuator and drive assembly a seamless integral unit.

Macron’s MPG and MRG planetary gearboxes are specially designed for integration with Macron Dynamics linear robotic systems, featuring:

  • A single screw clamping collar attachment for the pulley housing
  • Zero backlash clamping to actuator and motor shafts
  • Piloted interfaces for concentric alignment
  • Easy bolted connections

In comparison to these more complex connection methods, our exclusive Macron design:

  • Shortens powertrain length
  • Ensures shaft to shaft alignment
  • Eliminates special engineering and multiple component parts

We use high-quality components to create a low backlash operation in a lightweight package. The MPG and MRG gearboxes have gears designed for infinite life when operated at the rated torque, while the bearings and lubricant are selected to achieve maintenance-free operation for long operating periods.

Gear Box
  1. Adapter Plate
    (Customized adapter plate for quick and easy motor mounting)
  2. Seals
    (Seals to protect the gearbox from contamination)
  3. Ball Bearings
    (Ball bearings in all sizes and styles)
  4. Input Shaft Clamping Element
  5. Planet Gears
    (Precision honed gears)
  6. Ring Gear
    (Ring gear integral with the housing)
  7. Output Face
    (Ready to mount to Macron actuators)