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Choosing Linear Robotics to Solve Packaging Automation Challenges

Automation plays a large role in the packing industry. From pick & place to automated palletizing, see how you can use linear robots to solve packaging automation challenges.

Common Packaging Automation Challenges Solved with Linear Robots

There is no doubt that automation is an everyday element of the packing industry. From pick & place to automated palletizing, robotic systems are making packaging faster, flexible and easier than ever before. With automation on the rise, see how you can use linear robots to solve packaging automation challenges. 

Pick & Place Solutions

Pick and place robotic gantry systems have PackExpo-2012improved the quality of products, the safety of workers, and the overall efficiency of production for manufacturers. Where workers may have accidentally placed the wrong item in the wrong place, robotics avoids these errors. Having robotics in place for pick and place also prevent workers from performing mundane, repetitive pick and place tasks on assembly lines that can cause injuries and a lack of productivity.

Macron Highlight: Macron T-Bot Gantry Designed to Transfer Materials in Product Assembly 


Similar to pick and place, sorting is a large-scale-gantryrepetitive task for workers that is ripe for automation. A linear robot can streamline the traditionally manual and monotonous process, making it more efficient and safer. When coupled to a vision system, accurate distinctions can be made with greater consistency.

Macron Highlight: Custom Vertical Large Scale Automated Sorting Gantry and High Speed H-Bot with Conveyor 

Packaging Solutions

Robots used in the packaging industry dualx-dualzaccelerate the overall packaging process (improving turnaround time) and provide 24/7 uptime, allowing production to run non-stop – in a way that manual laborers cannot.

Macron Highlight: Dairy Products Packaging Company Uses Linear Robot to Accelerate Production 


palatizing-jobstoryPalletizing and depalletizing marked the beginning of adding linear robotics to the packaging industry. Unlike other machines, linear robots are modular systems that can be reprogrammed to accommodate product changes quickly, and are scalable and flexible to meet unique requirements. Robotic palletizing systems are reliable and increase productivity with a minimal equipment footprint and therefore have become a more ideal solution for a wider range of packing scenarios. A Linear Robot can be more economical than other types of Robots such as articulated arm or SCARA.

Macron Highlight: Automated Palletizing Machine Keeps Price Point Low With Standardized X/Z Gantry 

More Online Resources To Help You Solve Your Automation Challenge:

It’s hard to find the perfect automation solution that fits your unique application, requirements and budget. We are dedicated to making that process as simple as possible, by providing you with all of the resources possible to help you find the right solution, whether we are your final system manufacturer or not. That’s why you can expect great resources from Macron Dynamics, including:

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