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2 Axis Heavy Duty Gantry System

Explore how Macron Dynamics used an X/Z Heavy Duty Gantry System for a beverage industry customer’s pick and place packaging application.

Application: X/Z Heavy Duty Gantry Systems

Industry: Packaging Automation and Food & Beverage

Background: Having established a strong relationship with Macron Dynamics through previous applications, Hamrick Packaging Systems turned to the motion solution experts for their latest project.

With the goal of engineering a Pick & Place Case Packer application capable of running round or non-round containers at speeds up to 20+ cases per minute, Hamrick was seeking a cost effective yet robust pick and place solution for the picking and placing of bottles and cans.

servo-controlled-gantrySolution: Macron Engineers worked quickly with the customer to identify a comprehensive mechanical solution that would meet the needs of their unique application. A Standard Design X/Z Heavy Duty Cartesian Gantry System with reducers and cable tracking was the perfect solution for performing the precise pick and place motions required for this job.

In this specific application, Macron Dynamics leveraged both an MGS-UC1 and an MGS-UC2 X/Z gantry systems mounted atop the Pick & Place Case Packer. Delivering 2 axis of motion and requiring minimal assembly, this servo-controlled gantry system provides various X and Z strokes and can handle payloads of up to 150lbs for 24/7 operation capacity at a high duty cycle.

When asked why Hamrick Packaging Systems continues to rely on Macron for their motion solutions, Craig Marshall, Chief Operating Officer, states the answer is clear. “Our American made linear robotic solutions offer superior lead time and the opportunity for clients to customize travel distances, payload capacities, and other specifications to suit the needs of their applications. They just can’t find that anywhere else.”

Have a project requiring a specialized solution? Consider Macron Dynamics linear robots as an option. With over 30 years of experience, Macron Dynamics’ products are constructed with the highest quality materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday industrial use. Contact a Macron Representative to speak with an expert Application Engineer about developing a standard or custom solution to meet your manufacturing and packaging automation needs. We look forward to successfully supporting your next single or multi-axis project!

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