Belt-Driven Actuators in High Speed, Vertical Axis Packaging Application

Dual X/ Dual Z automated dairy product packaging gantry

Application: Automated case packaging

Industry: Wine packaging / dairy products


A large dairy products packaging company required rapid vertical axis travel in their case packaging and bottling lines automation. Product was being moved over long spans between multi-level conveyor systems. Case packaging operations required a fast pace and long Z axis stroke to move product. End effectors are often large and heavy which can introduce a pendulum effect.


Macron application engineers suggested using a MacBUILT Dual X / Dual Z configuration consisting of MSA-14 heavy duty actuators.To counter the buildup of inertial forces, Macron’s dual configuration design provides stability without sacrificing speed. Dual belts help safeguard productivity by assuring that if one belt fails, the second will continue working until replacement.

MacBUILT Gantry Systems Feature:

  • Engineered, multi-axis solutions to meet any specification
  • Modular construction allowing for easy customization
  • Macron’s lifetime warranty (when used in approved applications)

System benefits:

As added protection against load carriage free-fall, Macron can now install the patent pending CLAWS vertical arresting system to protect product and machinery in the event of belt breakage.

Heavy-duty Macron MSA-14H belt drives feature rigid construction to meet requirements for robust operation typical in automated case packaging machinery. The Macron units handle long travel requirements for up to 1869 mm. The MSA-14H can move vertical payloads of 300 pounds at rates of 5080 mm/second with +/- 0.025 mm repeatability.

Macron has over 25 years of experience in meeting innovative and demanding challenges for belt driven actuators in packaging systems, pick-and-place equipment, and a wide range of other production machinery.

Customer comments:

“Macron does it right. Their Cartesian gantry system is far more economical than a multi-axis robot for pick and place activities. In addition Macron can lengthen any axis to fit our application requirements creating a standardized platform that can be replicated for any project, saving re-engineering costs.” — West Coast System Integrator —

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