CLAWS Arresting System Mechanism

Macron’s cam lock arresting wedge system™, or CLAWS™, is a U.S. patented arresting system that prevents cart freefall in the event of belt breakage. The system is now an available option on all vertical applications using Macron belt driven actuators and can be retrofitted to most existing vertically-oriented actuators.  The system is not designed for use in horizontal applications.

The patent-pending Macron’s CLAWS™ system uses a tough carbon fiber impregnated Poly Chain® toothed belt. The belt is housed in the actuator’s aluminum beam t-slot, and coupled with a wedge device which integrates with the tension mechanism under the cart. In the event of a belt failure, the wedge device immediately engages the Poly Chain®, preventing the cart and load from falling. Belt failure simulations have been successfully tested with loads of 200 lbs. on a Macron MSA-14S platform.

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