Vertical Lift System for Product Transfer

Custom vertical lift system for product transferring built by Macron Dynamics

Application: Vertical lift system for product transferring

Industry: Material handling

Problem: A material handling system integrator required an economical solution for the vertical lift transfer of product carrying totes from one level of a horizontal conveyor to multiple option horizontal conveyors. The company had very little open floor space, so the system had to be created using mostly vertical space.


Solution: MacBUILT 14 actuator featuring custom 24” carts and vertical lift kit pulley assemblies

  • The MacBUILT actuator used a modified longer cart than usually used in similar applications
  • Pulleys were precision machined out of one-piece steel and plated for durability and corrosion protection
  • The system features Macron’s 1-Year Limited Warranty

System benefits: Macron created a custom solution for this company’s inquiry including a custom MacBUILT actuator featuring a specialized length, custom carts, and a unique pulley system. MacBUILT 14 actuators are true workhorse products and can be found in a variety of industrial applications. They are virtually maintenance free and are very adaptable to harsh environments. The long cart option in this application provided additional moment load capacity for flexibility in material transport. With a programmable vertical lift system, multiple layers of conveyors can provide efficient material flow and optimize floor space. A belt driven linear actuator provides the height necessary for this type of application and is economical on initial investment and on-going maintenance. Whether moving heavy loads, performing high speed motion, integration into clean, dirty or corrosive environments, or multi-axis applications, the MacBUILT 14 actuator provides the versatility to meet this project’s specifications.

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