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New “Mac-in-a-Box” H-Bot Designed for Wide Range of Applications

Macron recently unveiled their newest standard H-Bot Linear robot design, nicknamed the "Mac-in-a-Box," suitable for an endless amount of applications.


Industry: Applicable to all Industries


Integrating a new robotic system into a workspace can be a costly, custom effort requiring considerable skills and resources. Finding a standard linear robot capable of X, Y, and Z motion without custom design, while remaining useful in a range of applications and programming can be difficult.


At ATX East 2013, Macron unveiled their newest standard available H-Bot design, nicknamed the “Mac-in-a-Box” Linear robot. This innovative “platform machine” is an H-Bot capable of providing high-speed X/Y motion and coupled to a novel 4 post Z-axis screw lift system, providing a 3-axis Cartesian motion control. Due to its highly scalable and modular design, the H-Bot is suitable for a wide range of applications, not constrained to a particular industry.

The “Mac-in-a-Box” H-Bot is a 2 axis fixed motor low profile single belt driven Cartesian robot. The “platform model” Z-axis can be configured to lift the H-Bot or lift a base table to enable vertical control. For engineers looking for pick-and-place functionality, users can mount a Z-axis system (such as the Macron screw driven actuator) to the H-Bot for a dual Z-axis approach.

Since the linear robot has so much modular potential, it is not ideal for one particular use; rather it is programmable for endless application possibilities.

Use the “Mac-in-a-Box” H-Bot for:

  • 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
  • Adhesive Dispensing
  • Assembly / Conveyor Applications
  • Sorting and other Pick and Place Applications
  • Packaging
  • Material or Fabric Cutting and Scribing
  • Product Inspection
  • …Many More!

System benefits:

The “Mac-in-a-Box” H-Bot linear robotic system features built in motion kinematics, a 4 axis drive with generous input and output interfaces along with MPG Gearbox and integrated servo motor. Like all Macron actuators and Linear Robots, the H-Bot system can be configured to meet any size footprint demanded by an application. An integrated frame and enclosure is optional.

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