Gear Boxes

MPG Inline Planetary Gear Boxes

Gear Box
  1. Adapter Plate
    (Customized adapter plate for quick and easy motor mounting)
  2. Seals
    (Seals to protect the gearbox from contamination)
  3. Ball Bearings
    (Single ball bearing in the MPG-064; dual ball bearings in all other sizes and styles)
  4. Input Shaft Clamping Element
  5. Planet Gears
    (Precision honed gears)
  6. Ring Gear
    (Ring gear integral with the housing)
  7. Output Face
    (Ready to mount to belt or ball screw actuators)

MPG-062 Gear Box
Fits Macron Actuators: MSA-PSC, MSA-NBC, MSA-628, MSA-SB1, MSA-R15
Adapts to Pulley Assembly: 3/8″ nominal (28-12)

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MPG-084 Gear Box
Fits Macron Actuators: MSA-14S, MSA-M6S, MSA-135, MSA-R20, MSA-SB2, MSA-SB5, MSA-R6S
Adapts to Pulley Assembly: 3/4″ nominal (40-25)

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MPG-118 Gear Box
Fits Macron Actuators: MSA-14H, MSA-SBH
Adapts to Pulley Assembly: 3/4″ nominal (40-25)

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Adapts to Pulley Assembly 12-28 or 40-25
Gear Box Ratios 3:1, 10:1, 5:1, 7:1
Nominal Output Torque Nm 14 to 50
Max Acceleration Torque Nm 25 to 75
Nominal Speed RPM 3000 to 3500
Max Speed RPM 6000
Efficiency at Load 90%

Macron will need to know the Motor Manufacturer and specific model numbers to ensure proper adaptor flange sizing and match-up.

Macron Dynamics MPG inline planetary gear boxes are designed to eliminate the need for motor mounts used in a typical linear actuator drive system setup. These gear boxes are a direct bolt-on installation for any Macron linear actuator. The gear boxes design eliminates the need for couplings and large mounting brackets, essentially making the actuator and drive assembly a seamless integral unit.

The MPG gear box incorporates fixed input with radial clamping ring, making for quick and easy mounting to both metric or English motors. In addition, the unit's high precision gears and low backlash operation are achieved through the use of high quality components all in one lightweight package. The MPG gearboxes have gears designed for infinite life when operated at the rated torque, while the bearings and lubricant are selected to achieve maintenance-free operation for long operating periods.