Large Scale Cartesian Gantry Provides X/Y Automation for Material Handling Application

large scale cartesian gantry videoIndustry: Material Handling 

As automation continues to rise in factories across the globe, large-scale applications are becoming a common challenge requiring unique, low footprint designs to fit within specified space constraints.

An integrator partner had to provide a Cartesian gantry system with X-axis travel of 44 feet and Y-axis travel of 21 feet with a heavy payload capacity of 330 pounds. Whereas there was some deflection allowance in the Y-axis, the design would not allow the use of steel to cover the span. Due to overall system height constraints, creating an aluminum truss work to accommodate the span was a problem.

To meet the requirements of this motion challenge, Macron Dynamics engineers designed a hybrid actuator. To keep the axis weight down and strength and stiffness up; a pultruded structural shape was wrapped with Macron slide assemblies (a custom MacBUILT product), while an MSA-SB2 belt driven actuator provided the driving force. A wrap around MacFRAME cart element tied all the actuators together and allowed flexible mounting of a special payload handling system, designed by the integrator.

To complete the gantry’s X-axis a pair of MSA-14H actuators with extended carts were utilized. Macron’s unique matching process for this pair of actuators was key to allowing independent motor driving of each actuator for accurate traverse and positional tolerances.

large scale cartesian gantrySystem benefits:

This unique system design, utilizing standard off-the-shelf actuator designs married to a fiberglass composite structure, exceeded the project design requirements. The reduced weight of each axis allowed the “right sizing” of the servo motor / drive package for an efficient up-front investment that will provide years of economical power use.

Customer comments:

Macron Dynamics took the time to provide the best solution for our automation challenge, even though it was outside of their standard system designs. Thanks to their time and effort, our customer has a reliable, effective gantry system that will provide them with an economical and efficient machine for their automation process.

Is this large-scale cartesian solution a fit for your automation needs?

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