MacBUILT Automation System Simplifies Packaging for DVD Fulfillment Center

Application: DVD Pick and Place Automation System

Industry: Packaging Automation & Material Handling


A client in the packaging and material handling industry needed multiple robots capable of multi-axis movement to pick and place DVD’s in its fulfillment center.


To provide the client with XY movement, Macron Dynamics supplied a multi-axis robotic system, a  MacBUILT version of the MGS-14S X/Y gantry capable of picking the DVDs from their stacked locations and placing into a variety of baskets to fulfill orders.

System benefits:

Given the MGS-14S’s integrated horizontal and vertical motion capabilities, the multi-axis system’s belt-driven construction allowed the system to swiftly move to signaled pick location and place in a moving output tray. The zero backlash belt-to-pulley design allowed precise control and flexibility without the need for any linear encoder feedback. The field installation was easy to mount as a result of the extruded aluminum T-slotted actuator bodies.

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