Double Stacked Custom Gantry and Automated Machine Frame for Laboratory Research & Development

This custom X-Y axis, double stacked gantry system and frame was engineered for use in a laboratory research and development environment by Macron. One of the challenges in designing this gantry system was that the gantry would be moving around hazardous materials, making precise movement and travel a requirement.

Macron chose two Macron 14 belt drive linear actuators along with a custom designed machine frame using Macron MacFRAME aluminum extrusion for this automated gantry. The machine framing houses two identical, but independent operating systems stacked one on top of the other.

The lead bucket, which holds hazardous materials, is set on the bottom system and can move in various positions within the gantry frame. The top motion system supported a tracking device and can automatically track or follow the movements of the system below.

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