Automotive Crash Test Avoidance Simulation System


Application: Automotive

A crash test dummy used in a crash avoidance test systems, hangs from a MacBUILT actuator mounted to a cantilevered MacFRAME structure.

crash test avoidance simulator


Industry: Automotive

Problem: A client in the automotive industry sought an automated simulation system design to replicate the motion of a pedestrian crossing the street. The simulation system’s purpose was to test automotive crash avoidance instrumentation which needs to be able to detect a human obstruction and avoid potential catastrophe. This is a perfect job for a crash test dummy, however, the dummy needed to move like a pedestrian.

Solution: MacBUILT Heavy Duty 14 Rail Linear Actuator with MacFRAME Structure

Macron application engineers designed a MacFRAME machine structure that was able to cantilever out a long distance simulating the width of a typical street. Motion was provided by a belt driven MacBUILT heavy duty 14 rail actuator mounted to the MacFRAME structure. The crash test dummy connected to the cart. MacBUILT actuators are modular in construction and offer easy configuration to meet specific single and multi-axis automation applications.

System Benefits:

Ultimately, the motion system succeeded in emulating a pedestrian crossing the street, and effectively served as a simulation to test the crash avoidance systems. The heavy duty style actuators and framing elements provided a rigid structure and robust, forgiving operation to reliably function in the tough outdoor environment and through all types of weather. Macron has more 25 years of application experience matching our variety of belt driven actuators and light weight aluminum framing elements to customer challenges and systems.

Customer Comments:

“The Macron system was very robust. When running a variety of simulations and test conditions it is inevitable the crash test dummy will be called on to take a hit. The dummy was damaged but the actuator and frame survived…”


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