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Automated Palletizing Machine Keeps Price Point Low With Standardized X/Z Gantry

Material handling is one of the fastest growing sectors of automation. Learn how Macron's X/Z gantry system solution provided KwikPall founder Steve Ross with a small, standard palletizing machine at ...

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Large Scale Cartesian Gantry Provides X/Y Automation for Material Handling Application

As automation continues to rise in factories across the globe, large-scale applications are becoming a common challenge requiring unique, low footprint designs to fit within specified space constraint ...

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H-Bot linear robot mounted to MacFRAME

Scalable, Economical, Fast: The Advantages of T-Bot and H-Bot Gantries

Sometimes complex challenges require simple solutions. Both of the T-Bot and H-Bot products from Macron Dynamics are unique in that their simplistic design can complete difficult jobs more efficiently ...

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With the help of the UC2, the system has a payload capacity of 150 pounds and moves up to 90 cases per minute.

High Speed Automated Palletizing Kit Eases Manual Packaging Process

Recently, a Macron Dynamics system integrator, Adaptive Innovations Corp. of Lakewood Colorado, developed a 2-axis, high speed X/Z Row Palletizing / De-palletizing system. To provide X/Z motion, the c ...

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New “Mac-in-a-Box” H-Bot Designed for Wide Range of Applications

Macron recently unveiled their newest standard H-Bot Linear robot design, nicknamed the "Mac-in-a-Box," suitable for an endless amount of applications.

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Constructed of MacSTANDARD MSA-PSC actuators, the X/Y/Z gantry was economical and efficient for the unique application.

Low Cost X/Y/Z Liquid Handling Gantry

Macron developed a unique X/Y/Z gantry solution of MSA-PSC actuators and a connector kit, as well as a MacBUILT rail screw table for a liquid handling lab project.

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Large Scale Pick & Place Transfer Robot

Macron developed a Dual X / Single Z linear robotic system with a MacBUILT custom steel frame structure to transport automotive engine components at distances greater than a conventional arm robot cou ...

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Macron recently delivered a Dual X / Dual Y independent axes linear robot to an automotive fabrication facility

Dual X / Dual Y Independent Axes Automation System

Macron recently delivered a Dual X / Dual Y independent axes linear robot to assist automated production in an automotive fabrication facility.

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Macron's large-scale sorting system was 167' x 13' x 18'

Large Scale Automated Sorting Gantry | Macron Moments 25th Anniversary Series

In 1999 Macron delivered its first large-scale sorting gantry, capable of distributing totes of contact lenses to 1,700 individual compartments using infrared signaling technology.

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Macron built an HBG-25 H-Bot used by a semiconductor processing company to aid in the development of a new product line

MacBUILT Semiconductor Device Processing H-Bot

To meet a client's spatial and motion requirements, Macron provided a MacBUILT XY Cartesian robot to aid in the development of a new product line.

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Macron recently combined a TGB-12 T-Bot with dual X-axis belt driven actuators to fulfill a special X/Y/Z order for a tube sorting system

Biotech Pick and Place Tube Sorting Gantry

Macron recently delivered an XYZ pick and place gantry to a biotechnological machine manufacturer to be integrated into their tube sorting system.

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Macron integrated low profile components to protect the system from spillage of hazardous materials

Mobile Thermal Processing XZ Gantry System

A client in the thermal processing market required an automated XZ gantry system capable of steadily dipping products into heavy crucible of hot salts during thermal procedures.

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