Motorsports Sponsorship Provides a Unique Platform for Promoting Macron Dynamics

The #35 asphalt modified sporting the Macron Dynamics logo.

Macron Dynamics has, over the years, found unique ways to generate exposure through marketing. A customer video contest and guest appearances on a DS SolidWorks online video blog earlier this year are prime examples.

The latest place you can find the Macron logo, however, might be more difficult to see – unless you have a high speed camera.

Macron Dynamics has partnered with a local race car team in a sponsorship agreement for 2011. The driver, Mike Carroll Jr., competes in a stock car division called asphalt modifieds at paved oval speedways in PA, NJ, and NY.

“We thought this was a unique way to get our brand out there,” said Craig Marshall, Executive Vice President at Macron. “Many of our employees and distributors enjoy motorsports and because they are dealing with engineering and machine design every day, there is an appreciation of the preparation and mechanical aspect of auto racing.”

Asphalt modifieds are open-wheel cars powered by small block V8 engines.

Macron plans on making posters available for distributors who are interested, as well as displaying the car at Macron’s facility during special events.

Asphalt modifieds are the premier division at most short tracks throughout the Northeast and have had a surge of interest from fans since the airing of the show Madhouse on History Channel last year. The cars are purpose built, open-wheeled, and powered by small block V8 engines capable of producing speeds in excess of 140 MPH.

More information can be found on the Mike Carroll Jr. Racing Facebook page.

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