Macron Hosts 2016 Manufacturing Day Events for Two Local Schools


Macron was pleased to host students from two local High Schools on National Manufacturing Day. The Macron team set-up demonstration stations and interacted with all of the students to show them some of the behind-the-scenes action at a manufacturing company.

There were 7 stations set up around the building with demonstrations. Each station was manned with someone from either the sales department, engineering department or an assembly tech from manufacturing. At two of the stations our TBG12 and TBG25 t-bots were displayed, and the other stations explained how the actuators are made.


Just like any school day, the Macron team quizzed the students as they traveled throughout the shop. Prizes were won for correctly answering challenge questions from topics they learned about while on site.

“The students enjoyed seeing the different aspects of manufacturing from the CAD drawings in our engineering department to assembly,” explained Coleen Olive, Macron Dynamics, Inc. Production Manager. “The tour gave the students ideas of different careers available to them such as sales, engineering and assembly, which are all used in manufacturing.”

mfg-day-2-1The first group of students was from Bristol High School, with about 20 students who enjoyed a nice introductory into the day-in-the-life of a manufacturer. The second group was from Bucks County Technical High School and was more interested in the CNC department, as they had some previous knowledge on manufacturing and CNC machining technology.





Thanks to all of the students who participated in Manufacturing Day at Macron Dynamics. For more information about this initiative, visit

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