Macron Dynamics Asks, “Would You Like a Frame with that Actuator?”

Croydon, Pa – Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of linear actuators, linear motion components, and custom automation systems offers a full line of customizable, aluminum machine frames for safety guarding and automation applications.

Custom MacFRAME extrusions supporting an automated system

“Actuator and multi-axis gantry system applications usually require some sort of structural support in the form of a base frame, enclosure, connection member, or product handling feature. MacFRAME elements provide this solution and customers can find a one-stop shopping experience when buying from Macron,” says Steve Evers, director of business development.

Macron’s MacFRAME line of aluminum extrusions and hardware allows for customized, configurable framing architecture to support any of Macron’s linear actuators and belt drives. “Machining frames, our MacFRAME line, isn’t what people think of when they hear Macron – but it’s the backbone of all of our gantries and automated machines,” says Evers. MacFRAME aluminum extrusions are designed for easy assembly and offer the flexibility needed to accommodate both simple and complex automated machine design.

“Essentially, our MacFRAME line is comprised of modular components that can be combined to create any size or length structure,” says Evers. “Our MacFRAME extrusions are the foundation to any automation system. They have provided the framing for some of our largest, highest speed gantry systems, as well as our longest, accurate, and precise belt drives.”

MacFRAME extrusions are extremely durable and made from anodized aluminum, which is extremely resistant to corrosion. This means they are commonly used in applications such as pick and place automation systems in the clothing manufacturing and food processing industry, and in stacked gantry systems used in the military and for laboratory research. Macron has even customized the color of the aluminum in the past, rendering it flat black to eliminate reflection in a laser tracking application.

MacFRAME extrusions providing support for a long belt drive with a wrap around cart

“Our MacFRAME extrusions are produced on our own tooling and therefore match perfectly with our belt and screw driven actuators,” says Evers. “MacFRAME connection components are flexible and can be used in many imaginative ways to solve most any construction problem.”

Additionally, MacFRAME hardware is economical, and Macron stocks a wide array of sizes and options including aluminum extrusions available in both standard and heavy gauge in most any length, multiple types of fastening brackets, plates, and connectors, and assembly tools. As always, Macron’s MacFRAME products are backed by Macron’s Limited Warranty.

Macron’s motion and automation engineers can assist customers in selecting the correct MacFRAME products for their application needs. To learn more or see Macron’s products in motion, visit Macron’s website,, or call Macron Dynamics, Inc. at 1-800-MACRON-1 (1-800-622-7661).

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