Macron Dynamics Utilizes Video, Interactive Media to Showcase Macron in Motion

Croydon, PA — In 2010, Macron Dynamics, a manufacturer of belt driven linear actuators and multi-axis automation systems, took a new approach to leverage their exposure in the automation industry. The company, which has relied on interactive media for years, turned to online video to showcase their linear actuators and multi-axis gantry systems in real world applications.

“We looked at our products and thought, they move,” said Tony Cirone, president at Macron Dynamics, Inc. “Video is the best way to showcase Macron’s products and help educate our distributors and customers. We are showing people how Macron has successfully solved customers’ problems with our products.”

It is no secret that interactive media has proven to be an effective avenue for industrial and B2B marketers. In recent years, however, Macron, like many industrial manufacturers, struggled to see the direct benefit of integrating emerging trends, including social media and blogging, into their marketing strategy. As the medium has matured, so too has Macron’s online strategy.

“Tweeting, Facebook, Linkedin, blogging? I knew we had to watch the trends, but we struggled to find where Macron, as a manufacturer of automation products, fit in,” said Cirone. “The introduction of video into our internet marketing strategy has begun to bring those trends into focus and we’re learning how to leverage our video content across social media and other platforms. Video is providing users with Macron content in a format that is more interesting for them.”

Cirone noted that Macron has been developing online content in news, blog, and product formats for a number of years. Though video is relatively new to their marketing strategy, the company is seeing an increase in interest and engagement with video content on the company’s website and social media profiles. Video is generating more phone calls and emails, and keeping users on the Macron website longer.

According to YouTube’s site, they have an average of two billion videos viewed per day, a sure sign that video marketing is a trend that will be around for a while. Additionally, with the integration of video and social media into search engine results, video content is expanding Macron’s online reach and footprint.

Macron has used video in a number of creative ways. The company regularly publishes video on their website, on a YouTube channel, and also notifies users of newly published content through Twitter and RSS feeds.

Recently, Macron turned to their customers and distributors for user-generated video content through a contest called “Show Us Your Macron.” Prizes were awarded for first, second, and third place and entries were submitted showcasing automation applications that utilized Macron products.

In another example of how video is shaping Macron’s marketing strategy, the company was recently featured in an interactive web series called “Let’s Go Design” produced by DS SolidWorks. The video calls for SolidWorks users to assist in the design of “The Ultimate CAD Chair.” The final product was built with Macron actuators and gantries and unveiled at the SolidWorks World 2011 show in San Antonio, TX in January.

Macron still incorporates some traditional marketing in their strategy; however, the manufacturer has experienced firsthand how interactive marketing can deliver real, fast, and measurable results. In a recent interview, Cirone cited increased visibility through internet marketing as one of several reasons why Macron Dynamics has seen sales double in the last two years.

“Our goal is to educate our customers and distributors on our capabilities, and online video is providing an effective means to accomplish that,” said Cirone. “My advice for other manufacturers is to simply tell your story using as many mediums available.”

To see Macron’s products in motion, visit Macron’s website,, Macron’s YouTube Channel,, or call Macron Dynamics, Inc. at 1-800-MACRON-1 (1-800-622-7661).

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