Macron Dynamics Offers New Inline Gear Boxes Designed to Reduce Size and Complexity of Actuator Motor Mounting

Croydon, Pa. – Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of linear actuators, linear motion components, and custom mechanical motion systems, today, announced the release of the new MDI inline planetary gear box, designed to eliminate the need for motor mounts used in a typical linear actuator drive system setup.

“Our new MDI gear boxes are a direct bolt-on installation for any Macron linear actuator” said Joe Baird, National Sales Manager for Macron Dynamics. “The design eliminates the need for couplings and large mounting brackets, essentially making the actuator and drive assembly smaller, and more compact.”

The MDI gear box, also referred to as a gear reducer, incorporates fixed input with radial clamping ring, making for quick and easy mounting to both metric or English motors. In addition, the unit’s high precision gears and low backlash operation are achieved through the use of high quality components all in one lightweight package.

“The goal was to offer a product that would serve as a gearing solution for servo applications, by providing high quality and durability, at a competitive price” said Baird.

All MDI gear boxes come filled with lubrication and no oil change is necessary for the life of the unit, making it a completely maintenance free solution. The gearboxes may also be mounted in any orientation with no lubrication concerns.

Additional features include a customized adapter plate for quick and easy motor mounting, protective seals to isolate the gear box, precision honed planet gears, and a ring gear that is incorporated into the gear box housing.

MDI gear boxes are in stock and available in three sizes including 064, 084 and 118, and are offered with gear ratios of 3, 5, 7 or 10:1 (higher ratios are available upon request). Custom configurations may be available upon request.

Macron Dynamics offers customizable linear motion products that offer up to 500 feet of travel length, support up to 10,000 pounds, and operate at speeds up to 600 inches per second. For additional information on the MDI gearbox, visit or call Macron Dynamics at 1-800-MACRON-1.


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