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Macron Dynamics Introduces Improved MPG Inline Planetary Gearboxes

Macron Dynamics, Inc. announces the redesigns and expansion of their MPG planetary gearbox family of single output gearboxes.

Inside cut-out of MPG-084 Gearbox
Inside cut-out of the MPG-084 Gearbox

Macron Dynamics, Inc. announces the redesign and expansion of our MPG planetary gearbox family of single output gearboxes.

Macron Dynamics MPG inline planetary gearboxes are designed to eliminate the need for motor mounts used in a typical linear actuator drive system setup. These gearboxes are a direct bolt-on installation for any Macron linear actuator or gantry system. The gearboxes’ lightweight design eliminates the need for couplings and large mounting brackets, essentially making the actuator and drive assembly a seamless integral unit.

MPG-118 Gearbox

Listening to what the market desired, Macron Dynamics improved the gearbox design to now have a single clamping collar attachment which matches the Macron pulley housing precisely. MPG gearboxes have gears designed for infinite life when operated at the rated torque. Bearings and lubricant are selected to achieve maintenance-free operation for long operating periods.

These gearbox improvements are available for a wide array of Macron Dynamics belt drive and screw driven actuators.

View the updated MPG inline planetary gearboxes, or contact us to learn more.


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