“Business as Usual” at SolidWorks’ “Let’s Go Design” Filming Set

Macron’s Larry Miller talks with the host of Let’s Go Design, Jeremy Luchini during “The Ultimate CAD Chair” episode 6.

When Macron decided to partner with DS SolidWorks for “The Ultimate CAD Chair” on the interactive web series “Let’s Go Design”, I had NO IDEA what to expect. In the years I’ve been at Macron, we’ve never worked on a project quite like this. At Macron, we move things…not people…but, we’re always up for a challenge, and Jeremy Luchini and his crew seemed like a group of great folks. So we figured, here’s a chance to do something new, something fun, and to create something out of the scope of what we’re used to doing here at Macron.

Macron had only eight days to develop the gantry needed for “The Ultimate CAD Chair.” Parts were still coming in as the gantry was loaded and shipped. It was an aggressive deadline, but it was definitely worth the effort the team at Macron put in to the tight deadline. The quick turn-around of the gantry system met the swift delivery requirements and aggressive production and filming schedules of “Let’s Go Design.”

I was on set at DS Solidworks headquarters in Concord, Massachusetts for a total of five days. We spent four days building the system, and on the fifth day they filmed. During the building phase, I had to make some on-the-fly changes to the gantry and guarding.

As I built the gantry and Jeremy and his team developed the set, there was a level of excitement in the air. We worked together with contagious enthusiasm late in to the night to get the project completed before filming. You could tell Jeremy’s crew was used to this type of deadline, and while this was an unusual on-set studio environment for Macron, our experience working under deadlines and adapting to challenging environments made this project a success. I enjoyed every aspect of this unique experience.

The day of the “Let’s Go Design” shoot was exciting. Some of the scenes needed a few takes, except for my cameo appearance, which I nailed! Lighting was adjusted and various special effects were used. Overall, the experience was very memorable, and I really valued the dedication Jeremy and the rest of the DS SolidWorks team brought to the table. I credit the “Let’s Go Design” film crew for the high production value and the “Let’s Go Design” audience for coming up with creative ideas and design features.

Want to learn more? Check out the full build of “The Ultimate CAD Chair” featuring the Macron gantry system at www.solidworks.com/pages/programs/letsgodesign/.

-Larry Miller, Macron Dynamics, Inc.

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