Water Resistant Belt Drive Actuator System for Overseas Testing Facility

Application: Custom MacBuilt Belt Drive System

Industry: Linear Robotics for the Education Industry


In search of an automated solution to support their experimental design for the Regional Center for Laboratory Research in Hydromechanics the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, SENS Design turned to Macron Dynamics for a linear robotic solution.

The Challenge:

Given the environment in which this application would be subject to, SENS Design’s main concern was operational efficiency and longevity in water. In addition, they required an automated solution capable of traveling great distances, moving a 25kg carriage at a speed of 5m/s. Ultimately, the customer envisioned a solution that featured a Macron Dynamics belt drive that would have gearboxes, a torque tube and motor fit to it. What they found in Macron Dynamics was a partner who could help from a consultative perspective to provide not just what they were asking for, but instead the best solution to meet their needs based on expertise.

Key Challenges to Address:

  • Water-resistant application
  • Custom cart stroke of 34m
  • Consultancy and expertise in linear motion

The Solution:

Working collaboratively with the SENS Design team, Macron Dynamics application engineers were able to refine and develop a custom-built linear solution, removing the need to spend additional time and resources on designing individual products to fit a standard belt drive. Instead, Macron Dynamics proposed solution was to leverage a linear actuator, rather than a belt-drive, and streamline the build with MacBuilt gearboxes and torque tubes to avoid the need to individually piece the final solution together with additionally sourced outside vendor parts and custom-built additions. The final application was a MacBuilt linear actuator with custom carts, capable of 34-meter stroke that featured water resistance coating, protecting sensitive parts from damage and rust.

“The system we helped engineer for this customer was a great demonstration of the way we like to work. Our integration experts, engineering team, and the end client collaborated to move from hand-drawn sketches to installed systems that exceeded expectations.” — Michael Guinta, National Sales Manager, Macron Dynamics


Belt Drive Actuator Specs at a Glance


Motion Horizontal
Max Speed — horizontal [vertical] — mm/sec 5000 mm/sec
Max Load — horizontal [vertical]  — lbs 1000lbs
Repeatability — mm .025mm
Max Moment Load – in. -lbs. [Nm] 3200lbs
Potential Accuracy – mm/meter .4 mm/meter
Acceleration Max – G’s 5g
Beam Dimensions – mm 80 x 98 mm
Ultimate tensile strength of belt – lbs. [N] 4600lbs
Recommended belt running load – lbs. [N] 1150lbs
Cart Guide Round Rail

The Results

Having been shipped overseas, the MacBuilt solution is now used for experimental purposes. This specific application was incorporated into an innovative intuitive engineering design that offers services for shipyards to develop and refine future ship models.

“This is not a one-off application. Macron Dynamics has worked with several other educational institutions, National Labs and other contractors for the military marketplace, and has seen a lot of desire for water simulating tank testing. At the end of the day, this industry wants to see their application in action, and the motion solution engineers at Macron Dynamics are more than ready to help.” — Michael Guinta, Manager, Macron Dynamics

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