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Scalable, Economical, Fast: The Advantages of T-Bot and H-Bot Gantries

Sometimes complex challenges require simple solutions. Both of the T-Bot and H-Bot products from Macron Dynamics are unique in that their simplistic design can complete difficult jobs more efficiently, providing scalable, economical, and fast gantry systems.

Do you need a robot that is scalable, flexible, and powerful? Sometimes complex challenges require simple solutions. Both of the T-Bot and H-Bot products from Macron Dynamics are unique in that their simplistic design can complete difficult jobs more efficiently.

Packaging, palletizing, pick and place, 3D printing, dispensing & more!


T-bot gantry
T-Bot Gantry

Both T-Bot and H-Bot products have a simple, yet effective design – a single belt with fixed pulleys that drives both axes. Through a coordinated motion between the motors, the robots can create movement anywhere within the horizontal or vertical plane in the envelope. The T-Bot and H-Bot linear robots are easily scaled for small and large applications alike, simply by extending the framework of the system as needed to fit in any environment.


T-Bot and H-Bot’s are Gantry robots (also called Cartesian robots). They are easy to program and reach larger envelopes at a lower cost than other types of robots like articulated arm or SCARA robots. Gantry robots have many system benefits to keep in mind for big jobs.


Macron T-Bots and H-Bots have a fixed, non-moving motor mounting location. This is notable because there is typically a motor for each axis, which requires more weight and more power. Because Macron belt driven linear robots are lighter in weight, there is lower inertia, resulting in faster acceleration and deceleration – which means higher system performance at a lower cost.

About Our T-Bot:

h-bot linear robot
H-Bot Gantry Mounted to MacFRAME

A fast and versatile belt driven two-axis pick and place system, Macron’s T-Bot features fixed motors, reducing load, cable management and inertia requirements. With a positional repeatability and speeds up to 4 M/sec, this linear robot has a sealed linear profile rail and bearing guidance.

Common T-Bot Applications:

• Packaging
• Part filling
• Palletizing & carton loading
• Pick and place

About Our H-Bot:

A high speed, high performance two-axis Cartesian robot, the H-Bot features fixed motors, reducing load, cable management and inertia requirements just like our T-Bot. With a low profile design, the system has mounting flexibility in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

Common H-Bot Applications:

• Sorting
• 3D printing
• Adhesive dispensing
• Assembly
• Conveyor transfer
• Fabric cutting and scribing
• Product inspection

Is this solution a fit for your automation needs? Macron’s T-Bots and H-Bots are available in MacSTANDARD and MacREADY configurations for your unique application.

Contact your Macron representative for more information on Gantry robots.

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