MacBUILT Semiconductor Device Processing H-Bot

Application: Automated Device Processing H-Bot

Macron built an HBG-25 H-Bot used by a semiconductor processing company to aid in the development of a new product line

Industry: Semiconductor Processing

Problem: A client producing semiconductor device programming recently needed a low profile, automated X/Y Cartesian robot to aid in the development of their new product line.  The system would help coordinate production by providing X/Y motion to the client’s fixed Z-axis pick and place module. The linear robotic system needed to fit within the client’s specific space requirements, the location of the gantry having to be fully functional within a special height constraint.

Solution: To fulfill the X/Y motion control and positioning requirements of the client, Macron delivered a MacBUILT HBG-25 H-Bot linear robot. The multi-axis system was integrated into a MacFRAME base structure, configured to fit the client’s specific height limitations. Fixed X-axis motors coordinate motion with lower system inertia, allowing the robot, carrying the client’s pick and place system, to meet necessary size to travel ratio requirements.

System benefits: Integrated into a sturdy, configurable MacFRAME structure, the modular linear robotic system provides an economical solution for motion control and X/Y automation.

The HBG-25’s design features a low profile, simple single belt design to deliver high speed, high performance X/Y motion. No moving motors reduce load and inertia requirements, while simplifying packaging and cable management. Fixed motors also allow for a system with higher speed capability.

Macron’s flexible HBG-25 H-Bot can be mounted in vertical or horizontal orientations, and has a positional repeatability of +/- .10 mm (or .004 inches).

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