Macron Low Cost, XY Gantry Selected for Automated Packaging Adhesive Dispensing Solution

Application/ Industry:

When a client sought a solution to handle the programmable dispensing of adhesives for part of an automated packaging system, Macron engineers delivered. Macron Dynamics worked in conjunction with a distribution partner to design and manufacture a two axis XY, low cost gantry for this programmable adhesive dispensing application.

The Challenge:

A budget cap and limited distribution of funds available for mechanical gantry mechanisms required an aggressive design approach. Performance specifications required accurate but not precision positioning and repeatability within a 1 1/2 meter footprint.

Solution: Macron PSC X/Y Cartesian Gantry System

Gantry System Benefits:

The Macron PSC linear actuator is an economical approach for commercial accuracy guidance and light load capacities and moments. The dual X configuration stabilizes the Y axis and the Macron timing belt and pulley matching produces accurate alignment and travel control. The Y axis PSC actuator can be mounted in a variety of orientations to provide considerable flexibility in end effecter mounting.

The MacFRAME components and connecting member kits mesh perfectly with the complete family of Macron actuators. Since all components are manufactured to Macron specifications component appearance is uniform and consistent

“Macron once again helped us solve a customer challenge. The application required a design to budget approach while maintaining performance expectations and specifications. Macron was very flexible in configuring a design using standard components to keep system costs contained. We purchased a complete and assembled system ready for motor mounting that beat the target cost budget.”

– Macron Distribution Partner –

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