Macron 14 Linear Actuator With Wrap Around Cart is Solution for Automated Welding System

Macron automation engineers were tasked with designing and manufacturing an automated welding system used for welding pipes in an industrial environment. The existing method used was to weld the pipes manually by hand. The client was seeking a faster, more precise and consistent process for welding the pipes.

Special consideration was given to the beam to eliminate deflection. Any deflection would have been unacceptable, as it would have created inconsistencies in the automated welding. A custom beam was designed and constructed by Macron to eliminate deflection for that reason.

In addition, a spatial challenge was presented as the automated robot had to be placed into a tight space. The small area available for the system required a piece by piece installation on-site. Macron automation engineers gave special consideration to this obstacle when designing this automated welding system.

The final product was a combination of a custom beam, wrap around actuator cart, and a Macron 14 belt driven linear actuator.

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