MacSTANDARD PSC Belt Driven Actuator Helps Solve Clemson University Students’ Senior Design Challenge

Clemson University students used MacSTANDARD PSC actuators in their senior design project to create a automated air hockey system

Application: Automated air hockey system

Industry: Education

Problem: Recently, a group of students from Clemson University’s Electric Engineering program approached Macron with the challenge of building an automated air hockey machine. The students in this program participate in projects emphasizing real-time control systems and computer vision.

This past semester, students faced a senior project calling for construction of an automated system that was capable of playing air hockey with limited human input.

Solution: MacSTANDARD PSC Belt Driven Actuator

The students needed controlled, automated movement in order to successfully move the air hockey paddle in a multitude of directions. The two axis XY gantry consisted of two MacSTANDARD PSC belt driven actuators and a MacFRAME structure, providing fluid, stable movement of the air hockey paddle.

System Benefits:

The zero backlash belt to pulley design and stress proof shafted pulley provided swift, controlled horizontal movement of the air hockey paddle. In addition, the extruded aluminum actuator body with t-slots provided easy mounting, while the MacFRAME structure, independent of the air hockey table, added stability.

MacSTANDARD actuators are available in stock travel lengths and offer a range of configurable options. Off-the-shelf availability means quick delivery and competitive pricing. The MacSTANDARD PSC actuator used for this project is available in standard travel lengths up to 1771 mm, can handle a maximum load of 20 lbs., and provides a maximum speed of 1270 mm/sec.

Customer Comments: “Our system compared to other systems was the best looking, as well as the most stable. A lot of other systems had problems braking and not having the force to score goals.”


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