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Inventory / Buyer

Reports to: Production Manager

Inventory / Buyer is a specialist position responsible for maintaining control of Macron raw material, work-in-process and finished goods inventories as well as placing orders to replenish stocks according to minimum, maximum, and re-order point plans. As a Buyer, the specialist will participate in vendor sourcing, order placement, expediting and management as well as maintain the approved sources Vendor master.

The Inventory / Buyer specialist interfaces with Program Managers, Engineering and Manufacturing Technicians to participate in Materials requirements planning activities and the direct picking and materials transactions necessary for each Job produced.

From a Quality Systems perspective Inventory / Buyer will be knowledgeable in the following business and manufacturing processes:

  • Overall quality policy and Inspections
  • Job plans and Bill of Materials
  • Purchasing
  • Product protection and identification
  • Corrective and preventive action processes
  • Macron Workmanship standards

Outlined below are additional duties, skills, processes or expectations of an Inventory / Buyer

  • Inventory control
  • Cycle counting and physical inventories
  • MRP review/updating
  • “Bin fill” floor stock replenishment
  • Procurement
  • Purchase order/requisition
  • Vendor masters
  • Sourcing / RFQ
  • Receiving processes
  • Product shipping
  • Packaging methods
  • Packing “slip” preparation
  • Transportation coordination
  • Measuring tool use – calibration system
  • Teamwork
  • Project team and Committee membership
  • Kaizen – continuous improvement methodology
Experience requirements:
  • AA, AS, High school diploma or equivalent
  • 2-3 years Inventory management experience in a manufacturing environment.
  • Candidate will have good communication skills and experience with ERP systems and computers.

Position: Hourly plus benefits

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