Simplifying the Gear Reducer

How Macron Dynamics is Eliminating Complex Gearbox Installation

Macron gearboxes eliminate complicated mounting processes, which often call for male-to-male shaft couplings and special mounting interfaces between an actuator pulley housing and gearbox.

Macron’s MPG Inline Planetary Gearboxes feature shaft clamp style coupling, providing direct bolt-on installation.

Installation, Made Simple.

Stop struggling with complicated gearbox installs. All Macron Dynamics linear robotic systems come standard with our hollow input / output planetary gear reducers.

Hollow shaft interfaces take the hassle out of mounting motors to the systems by simplifying installation, improving alignment with zero-backlash clamping rings.

The Macron Difference

Macron’s MPG Inline Planetary Gearboxes are specially designed for integration with Macron Dynamics linear robotic systems, featuring:

Macron's MPG Inline Planetary Gearboxes feature shaft clamp style coupling, simplifying mounting.

Male-to-male shaft couplings, common in competitor gearboxes, complicate installation and result in longer power trains.

  • Zero backlash clamping to actuator and motor shafts
  • Piloted interfaces for concentric alignment
  • Easy bolted connections
  • Perfect fit with Macron one piece pulley shaft

These features are an advantage over popular male-to-male shaft couplings, That require multiple components that are engineered to fit each individual connection.

In comparison to these more complex connection methods, our exclusive Macron design:

  • Shortens power train length
  • Ensures shaft to shaft alignment
  • Eliminates special engineering and multiple component parts


Perfect fit and alignment assures that ideal torque and efficiencies are achieved, and extend the life of the reducers gears, bearings, and lubricant. Just provide Macron with your motor specifications and desired gear ratio to take advantage of the installation made simple.

Interested in learning more about Macron’s Inline Planetary Gearboxes? Visit our Gearboxes page or Contact Us today.