Macron Dynamics Gives Back to Bucks County Community College

Macron Dynamics is dedicated to giving back and supporting our local community. We are excited to announce that with the help of a co-contributor, Steve Ross at KwikPall, we were able to donate a UC XZ gantry system to Bucks County Community College.

“Macron Dynamics and Kwikpall have both recognized that the next generation of robotics and automation engineers are critical to the future of the industry. Where possible, we want to empower younger students with the the ability to learn through hands-on learning.”

– Michael Giunta, VP of Sales and Marketing at Macron Dynamics

Pick and place gantry system

Students will be using our pick and place gantry system as an interactive learning experience in the classroom. We are proud to be investing in the next generation of engineers and are thrilled for them to enter the field.

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