Macron Dynamics New Belt Driven Linear Actuator Offers Low Cost Alternative For High Volume Linear Motion Applications

Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of linear actuators, linear motion components, and custom mechanical motion systems, today, announced the release of a new belt driven linear actuator designed to accommodate lighter loads in high volume, high speed linear motion applications.

“The new Macron PSC-28 linear actuator is a low cost actuator that can be custom designed for a wide range of applications,” said Joe Baird, National Sales Manager for Macron Dynamics. “The actuator itself sells for around $300.00 depending upon quantities, options, and design requirements.”

Capable of speeds of up to 200 inches per second and accommodating loads of up to 40 pounds, the new Marcon PSC-28 linear actuator offers multi-axis functionality and a number of standard options including beam lengths up to 20 feet, motor mount adaptors, and application specific sensors. Standard features include NEMA 23 or 34 motor mount adaptors, shafted pulley, and 3 cart lengths.

The PSC-28 is constructed of corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum extrusion, making it suitable for food handling and other applications where corrosion may be of concern. In addition, the unit can be designed with stainless steel components.

Recently, Macron Dynamics engineers designed a system using PSC-28 linear actuators for a government organization that required a high speed pick and place system that would operate with high accuracy. In addition to meeting the operational requirements, the lower cost of the PSC-28 made it cost effective for the organization to implement the system in multiple facilities.

For material handling projects that call for the movement of heavier loads, Macron Dynamics is offering an alternative version of the new PSC-28. The Macron NBC actuator is designed to accommodate loads of up to 150 pounds and can be used where accuracy is not a critical requirement.

Macron Dynamics offers customizable linear motion products that offer up to 500 feet of travel length, support up to 10,000 pounds, and operate at speeds up to 600 inches per second. For additional information on the PSC-28 linear actuator, call 1-800-MACRON-1 or email Macron today.


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