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Macron Dynamics: 30 Years in Motion

Celebrate Macron's 30-year history with a recap of some of the most important events over the past three decades.

Macron Dynamics 30 years in motion

Back in 1988, Anthony Cirone & Joe Casillo founded Macron Dynamics, Inc, a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion framing systems. After 30 years, we’ve expanded our capabilities, product offerings, and collaborated on some groundbreaking and innovative projects. Along the way, we’ve established that moving forward has always been a part of our DNA.

Macron 135 actuator
Macron 135 Actuator

In 1992 we launched our first Macron designed actuator, The MSA-135 (then, called the “Macron 135 actuator”). It was first designed to move scenery for the Metropolitan Opera and was then selected by the USPS for an automation scanner/applicator machine. An altered version of the MSA-135 actuator would later be installed in Disney World at the Universe of Energy to open and close theater curtains.

The past five years have been full of innovation and expansion. Since 2013, we’ve introduced our MacStandard 2 & 3 axis Linear Robot cartesian gantry system, introduced an industry leading 7-day turnaround on MacStandard single-axis actuators, and, expanded our network of Manufacturer Representatives and Distributors to cover all of North America, UK, and India. In 2016 we introduced our Robotic Transport Unit MacStandard design which increases the utilization of otherwise idle fix-mounted robots – maximizing productivity and your return on your investment.

In 2017, after a 5-year development and enhancement process, we patented the Cam Lock Arresting Wedge System™ (CLAWS) to improve the safety of vertical lift applications by slowing and stop free-falling carts and loads in the event of a belt failure.

New York City Billboard
3D billboard in Times Square built with Macron Actuators

In between all these expansions, product creations, and improvements, we’ve contributed to innovative and forward-thinking projects. In 2017 we helped launch a 3D billboard in Times Square for a major global beverage maker. This 6 stories tall, 68 ft. x 42 ft installation was comprised of 1,760 independently controlled 13” x 13” high definition LED screens controlled by MCM-SB1 belt driven actuators that were specially designed for this project. Guinness World Records™ called this project ‘The Largest 3D Robotic Billboard” and “The First 3D Robotic Billboard.”


Macron Dynamics founder Anthony Cirone
Anthony J. Cirone CEO, President and Chief Technology Officer

“It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 25th anniversary and being presented with a flag that flew over the US Capitol building, Washington, DC by our Congressman. Time flies when you are having fun and growing a business in the technology industry. To be celebrating 30 years of solving Customer motion problems with creative solutions is a tribute to dedicated Engineers and Manufacturing technicians that have played a big part in our success and longevity. Amazingly, we still have actuators and systems running in the field that were delivered 30 years ago. Thanks to all our Customers, Distributors and Selling agents for all your confidence in our products. Stay tuned for many more years Macron solutions and products.”

For a breakdown of all of Macron Dynamics major milestones, visit our 30-year timeline:

Macron Dynamics Milestones

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