Video Camera and Teleprompter Guidance Actuator

This video features a wall or floor mounted video camera and teleprompter guidance system for commercial use. The system features a MacBUILT 14 actuator on the X axis with a wrap around cart configured for the application. MacSTANDARD MSA-14 actuators with extended carts provide the Z axis motion in a dual configuration.

This structure illustrates the marrying of Macron’s MacBUILT line with the MacSTANDARD line to create a fully customizable multi-axis gantry system. Macron’s MacSTANDARD products feature a number of standard options and off-the-shelf availability to ensure quick delivery. Macron assembly assures industrial quality for a range of motion applications. Macron’s MacBUILT product line features products that can be modified to meet most specifications and includes options such as single or double shaft types, drive shaft mounting locations, standard travel lengths, wrap around, rotated, and extended carts, stainless steel components, and dual cart independent belt systems.

This application features the MacBUILT and MacSTANDARD lines utilizing both wrap around carts and extended carts to create to motion necessary for the application.