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Tony Cirone, Macron’s President, Interviewed

CROYDON, PA- Tony Cirone, President of Macron Dynamics Inc., provides an intimate look inside Macron’s manufacturing facility in a video segment highlighting Macron’s customer-focused approach to both maintaining and growing their company. A leader in the design and manufacturing of linear actuators, multi-axis automation, and custom mechanical motion systems, Macron Dynamics turns out mechanical motion solutions to high-end customers such as Disney, the United States Post Office, and the military.

Cirone, who was named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 Award in the Greater Philadelphia area, candidly explains Macron’s philosophy, saying goals are to “keep our costs down, keep ourselves competitive, and still supply a high quality product.”

The video was showcased at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 Awards Ceremony and provides a snapshot on where Macron is today and where they plan on heading in the future. It also takes viewers inside the manufacturing facility, which is located about twenty miles northeast of Philadelphia, and shows Macron’s linear actuators and multi-axis gantriesbeing assembled.

Despite the troubled economy, Macron Dynamics saw sales double over the past two years. Cirone attributes this success to Macron’s warranty on all of their products, increased visibility through internet marketing, and significantly faster turnaround time than their competitors. Returning customers, Cirone says, is how they measure Macron’s strides in the industry. “When a customer places another order—that’s a sign of success,” he says.

In the video, Cirone also discusses Macron’s current endeavor to reach international markets. He cites Australia, India, and New Zealand for future exporting potential. Expansion in these global markets, as well as additional branding efforts, and increases in both product offerings and distribution networks puts Macron Dynamics on a chart for continued growth. Cirone believes the company will break the ten million dollar mark in sales by 2013.

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