Makers Week 2015 – Belt Driven Actuator Used in Unique Balloon Scale

While most shore-goers only see arcades for their entertainment value, Macron employees are always taking a deeper look into the mechanics behind them. When hitting the arcade at the boardwalk, you may notice the “Balloon Man” scale.
A lot of interesting technology goes in to making this special scale work. The count pointer is driven by a MacSTANDARD MSA-PSC actuator.

Benefits of the MSA-PSC actuator:

  • Extruded aluminum actuator body with T-slots for ease of mounting
  • Easy to adjust belt tensioner
  • One piece, machined and stress proof shafted pulley
  • Zero backlash belt to pulley design
  • Corrosion resistant components

Contact a Macron representative today to learn how the MSA-PSC can help solve your motion challenges!

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