Linear Robotics Automate 2015

We showcased a few different applications for the Linear Robotics Automate 2015:

  • Large scale cartesian X/Y gantry: designed for a material handling application, with custom “hybrid” Y-axis actuator designed to fit within system height restraints. It can carry a payload of 330 lbs.
  • High Speed H-Bot Gantry: This gantry is able to reach a large envelope at an economical price, and is scalable for applications of any size. The gantry functions using a single belt design with fixed pulleys driving both axes. With a max speed of 200 mm/sec, the gantry is able to accelerate to 5 G’s with a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm.
  • Mac-in-a-Box: Programmable for any application, this is essentially a “Platform Machine” with X/Y/Z motion, with a 4 post Z-axis screw lift system
  • T-Bot: Our fast and versatile belt driven 2 axis pick & place system features one single belt drive to move both axes, and includes two fixed motor mounting locations.
  • MSA-M6S Belt Driven Actuator: This belt driven actuator provides the shuttle motion for a commercial product’s automated assembly machine.

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