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Macron Dynamics manufactures linear and mechanical motion components and systems, providing automation solutions for a variety of industries, including:
  • Material Handling & Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Military and Defense
  • Entertainment & Amusement
  • Education

Get access to Macron Dynamics’ 25+ product catalog and learn about each product’s:

  • Defining Features
  • Unique Configuration Options
  • Add-ons Options
  • “How to Build” Product Part Configurator Code
  • Comprehensive Specifications (including weight, size, motor specs, speed, travel distance, payload, repeatability, accuracy and more).

Browse our full line of linear robots, including:

Belt Driven Actuators

Belt Drive Actuators

Screw Driven Actuators

Screw Driven Actuators

Gantry & Cartesian Systems

2 and 3 axis Gantry and Cartesian Systems


Linear Robotics Accessories

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