Macron Dynamics Introduces T-Slot Sensor Kits Designed for Precision Position Detection in Automation and Robotics Applications

Macron announced the addition of T-Slot Sensor Kits to the company’s line of actuator accessories. T-Slot sensors are designed for precise position detection in automation and robotics applications. Macron T-Slot Sensors are inductive proximity sensors engineered for a seamless, low profile installation into the "T" found in Macon’s extruded aluminum beams used in belt actuators, screw actuators, MacFRAME machine framing, and gantry systems. The sensors will fit any 8 millimeter wide t-slot.


New MacSTANDARD Actuators & Belt Drives from Macron Dynamics Offer Industrial Quality Linear Motion in an ‘Off-The-Shelf’ Solution

Macron has announced the new MacSTANDARD line of linear actuators and belt drives designed to provide an 'off-the-shelf' product suitable for industrial linear motion, robotics, and automation applications. The new MacSTANDARD actuators and belt drives offer the same quality, reliability, and features as our engineered Macron actuators. By standardizing popular models, specifications, and travel lengths, Macron will meet the needs of buyers searching for a readily available, quality actuator for industrial automation or linear motion.


MACRON 14 Actuator Adds Heavy Extrusion Option, Remains Versatile and Proven ‘Work Horse’ of Macron’s Linear Actuator Product Line

Macron introduced an optional heavy beam extrusion upgrade for the MACRON 14 series linear actuators. The option is designed to provide additional strength and rigidity in extra heavy duty linear motion applications. The optional heavy beam extrusion construction reduces deflection over longer travel lengths. The upgrade allows our already heavy duty MACRON 14 actuators to be used in applications with higher moment loads and in support of heavy loads over greater distances.


Macron Dynamics Moves to Larger Facility to Meet Demand for Linear Actuators and Engineered Automation Systems

Macron Dynamics has relocated the company's headquarters and engineering facility to a 26,800 sq/ft building located in Croydon, Pennsylvania in response to a rising demand for Macron's motion components and automation systems. The new location, just outside of Philadelphia, Pa expands the company's manufacturing capabilities and


Macron Dynamics Offers New Inline Gear Boxes Designed to Reduce Size and Complexity of Actuator Motor Mounting

Macron releases new MDI inline planetary gear box, designed to eliminate the need for motor mounts used in a typical linear actuator drive system setup. The new MDI gear boxes are a direct bolt-on installation for any Macron linear actuator. The design eliminates the need for couplings and large mounting brackets, essentially making the actuator and drive assembly smaller, and more compact.


Macron Dynamics New Belt Driven Linear Actuator Offers Low Cost Alternative For High Volume Linear Motion Applications

Macron has released a new belt driven linear actuator designed to accommodate lighter loads in high volume, high speed linear motion applications. The new Macron PSC-28 linear actuator is a low cost actuator that can be custom designed for a wide range of applications.


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