Macron Dynamics Announces Discount on MacSTANDARD MSA-PSC Linear Actuator

Croydon, PA — Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of belt driven linear actuators and custom mechanical motion systems, is offering a discount on the MacSTANDARD MSA-PSC Actuator.

MacSTANDARD MSA-PSC Linear Actuators are currently 50% off the standard pricing. To receive this discount, orders must be placed directly on the Macron Dynamics website.

The MacSTANDARD MSA-PSC linear actuator is available in stock travel lengths ranging from 326 mm to 1826 mm. Customers can chose between two different shaft types and four different drive shaft locations.

The MacSTANDARD PSC Actuator also features:

  • Standard travel lengths
  • User configurable options
  • Extruded aluminum rail
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Easy to adjust belt tensioner
  • One piece, machined and stress proof shafted pulley
  • Zero backlash belt to pulley design
  • Online ordering and quick delivery

As a MacSTANDARD Actuator, the MSA-PSC Actuator is suitable for industrial linear motion, robotics, and automation applications. Macron’s MacSTANDARD products feature a number of standard options and off-the-shelf availability to ensure quick delivery. Macron assembly assures industrial quality for a range of motion applications. Macron actuators used in approved linear motion and automation applications hold a limited 1-year warranty against product defects or failures.

Online purchasing for MacSTANDARD PSC Actuators is available at The online catalog also features an interactive linear actuator selection guide. The selection guide is designed to recommend models to users based on the answers of a few application-specific questions.

If the MSA-PSC Actuator doesn’t meet your needs, the MacSTANDARD line includes models that meet a broad range of specifications. In addition, Macron’s MacBUILT product line features products that can be modified to meet most specifications and includes options such as single or double shaft types, drive shaft mounting locations, standard travel lengths, wrap around, rotated, and extended carts, stainless steel components, and dual cart independent belt systems. For additional information, visit or call Macron Dynamics, Inc. at 1-800-MACRON-1 (1-800-622-7661).

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