Macron Dynamics Offers Belt Drives for Standard and Customized Automation Applications: MacBUILT Belt Drive Featured in Robotic Test and Measurement System

Belt drive construction photo of a drive debug test

Croydon, Pa – Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of linear actuators, linear motion components, and custom mechanical motion systems, offers customers a full line of belt drives that can be provided in both “off the shelf” MacSTANDARD or custom configurable MacBUILT models for most any mechanical motion or automation application.

“Belt drives provide our customers with added versatility in application usage” says Macron’s Director of Business Development, Steve Evers. “Macron’s belt drives allow for the customer to use their own guidance system to push and pull loads. Actuators have built-in slides and guides to carry loads, whereas belt drives do not.”

Evers highlights a recent project that utilized a MacBUILT SB-50H heavy duty belt drive that was added to a customer supplied steel rail track and steel wheeled cart for a precision test and measurement system.

The customer was tired of manually moving and reconfiguring the track system to gather the needed data from their testing processes. By utilizing the MacBUILT SB-50H heavy duty belt drive, which could be mounted to either the inside or outside of the pre-existing track guidance system, the test and measurement process was able to be automated.

“The adaptability of the belt drive to the customer’s existing guidance system allowed Macron to deliver a highly flexible and economical “bolt-on” solution,” said Evers. “The result was an automated test and measurement system that provided accurate, programmable motion control for their test rig.”

The customer, says Evers, selected Macron because of Macron’s reputation in the industry for rugged, dependable mechanical motion systems. Additionally, the MacBUILT SB-50H heavy duty belt drive was configured to the exact length of the measurement system, and the customer’s existing cart was easily connected to the belt tensioner.

Macron’s MacBUILT SB-50H can exert up to 2500 lbs. of maximum force, can be up to 250 feet long, and offers repeatability from .010 – .060 inches depending on length. Macron belt drives are available in both “off the shelf” MacSTANDARD or custom configurable MacBUILT models to meet most any customer requests. MacSTANDARD Belt Drives allow buyers to select from a standard range of belt drives with varied pre-determined specifications for quick delivery. MacBUILT belt drives are modular in design, allowing for customized configurations of travel lengths. Macron builds the longest belt drives and actuators in the world,” says Evers. “We have video footage on our website blog of some of our longest belt drives, including one that is over twenty meters long.”

Macron’s motion and automation engineers can assist customers in selecting the correct belt drive or linear actuator for their application needs. Both Macron actuators and belt drives are backed by Macron’s lifetime warranty. For additional information, visit or call Macron Dynamics, Inc. at 1-800-MACRON-1 (1-800-622-7661).

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