Biotech Pick and Place Tube Sorting Gantry

Application: Pick and Place Tube Sorting System

Macron recently combined a TGB-12 T-Bot with dual X-axis belt driven actuators to fulfill a special X/Y/Z order for a tube sorting system

Industry: Biotechnology

Problem: A manufacturer of automated biotechnical systems contacted Macron seeking a lightweight gantry system capable of controlled X/Y/Z motion to use in a new vial and tube sorting system. The system required a system design that would meet specific spatial requirements within a unique overall design.

Solution: To meet the client’s specific motion requirements, Macron delivered a simply constructed, complex multi-axis gantry capable of pick and place motion. To combine the Y/Z motion necessary for pick and place functionality with X-axis motion, Macron integrated the lightweight TBG-12 T-Bot with dual X-axis MacSTANDARD MSA-628 actuators and T-Slot connector kits.

This unique approach allowed the system to provide movement in the specific travel envelope requirements necessary to fit within the machines overall footprint, while meeting weight restrictions.

System benefits: Mounting the T-Bot to the MacSTANDARD MSA-628 actuators enabled the system to provide stiff, precise pick and place functionality while managing to maintain a lightweight build. Fixed motors allow the T-Bot to use lower powered settings, providing economical energy savings while also reducing inertia requirements and creating higher controlled motion. The TBG-12’s linear robotic design features a single belt drive to drive both axes and fixed motors, creating a speedy, versatile pick and place system.

This modular gantry system is constructed entirely of MacSTANDARD products, yet flexible enough to meet client requirements.

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