Telescopic Z-Axis Provides Deep Reach Despite Spatial Constraint of Material Handlers

Telescopic Z Axis

Telescopic Z Axis Video

Application: Three Axis XYZ Gantry System

Industry: Packaging Automation & Material Handling

Problem: A client in the packaging automation market needed an XYZ gantry system to aid in its palletizing methods, but Macron’s standard, off-the-shelf Z axis actuator did not fit within the clients’ vertical spatial constraints. The client needed a system capable of deep reaching motion within a set height limitation.

Solution: Macron Telescopic Z-Axis

To provide the client with vertical motion in the tight special constraint, Macron Application Engineers designed a belt driven telescoping actuator consisting of profile rail guided nested frames. The actuator’s design features a drive belt which coils during retraction and lift, providing compact drive mechanics and utilized gravity to assist in downward or extension motion. The unique telescopic function of the Z-axis actuator allowed for controlled vertical motion necessary to palletize product cartons in a cube-like fashion, without breaking the spatial specifications to fit within the client’s fixed space.

System benefits: The heavy duty construction and guidance provide a rigid structure and robust function to the Z-axis motion capable of a deep reaching motion and carrying a variety of end effectors and payloads. Central drive belt and cable management is protected by the structural nested box design thus ensuring reduced maintenance.



Customer comments:

The Macron system was very strong. Running a variety of end effectors and product types was effortless and the ability to fit within the confined headroom available has allowed the introduction of automation to a predominantly manual operation.


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