Job Stories

Macron 14 Linear Actuator With Wrap Around Cart is Solution for Automated Welding System

Macron automation engineers were tasked with designing and manufacturing an automated welding system used for welding pipes in an industrial environment. The existing method used was to weld the pipes manually by hand. The client was seeking a faster, more precise and consistent process for welding the pipes.


6 Axis Gantry System Uses Macron 14 Actuators in Industrial Pick & Place Automation

This six (6) axis gantry system was designed to automate an industrial line using pick and place automation that moved two different items in two different locations (directions) at the same time.


Automated Prescription Fill System Relies on PSC-28 Linear Actuator Gantry and Frame

This custom automated gantry system was developed for the pharmaceutical/medical industry and serves as an automated picking system used to fill drug prescriptions. The gantry system is used in an in-hospital pharmacy where single dose prescription filling is picked, packed, and bar coded for individual patients.


Food Service Automation System Features Macron 14 and 14Z Linear Actuators with Wrap Around Cart

This multi-axis system was engineered for use in the food service industry. The application called for very high accelerations and heavy lifting.


Engineers Overcome Challenges of Designing a Linear Motion System at Sea

When Macron Dynamics, a manufacturer of linear actuators and motion systems, was contacted by a major cruise line about designing a motion system aboard two of their cruise ships, Macron's engineers knew they could meet the proposed specifications. Of course, it didn't hurt that the installation would have to take place while the ships were at sea bound for a sunny Pacific destination.


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