MacBUILT XZ High Speed Pick and Place Gantry

High Speed Pick and Place Gantry

The MacBUILT XZ Gantry is capable of transferring a 400lbs load 8 feet in 3 seconds

Application: High Speed Pick and Place Gantry

Industry: Packaging


An international customer in the packaging machinery industry required a high speed pick and place gantry capable of moving a large 400lbs load. The heavy load needed to be picked up 12 inches, and moved 8 feet within a three second time span.


To provide the client with high speed XZ motion necessary for their pick and place system, Macron supplied a custom MacBUILT gantry system composed of MacSTANDARD MSA rail actuators and Macron 14 belt drive actuators. The high speed lift requirement for Z axis was creatively solved with the integration of a roller screw actuator.

System benefits:

Given the MacSTANDARD rail actuator’s large weight capacity, the heavy duty system was capable of securely transferring the heavy required loads at a high rate of speed. Additionally, MacSTANDARD components greatly reduced production time, with easily modifiable axes allowing for construction in a minimal six weeks.

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