High Speed Pick and Place System Using HBG Gantry in Biotech Application

MacBUILT HBG Gantry System for Pick and Place Application

Application: High-accuracy, high-speed pick and place gantry system


Industry: Biotechnology

Problem: A biotechnology company was in need of a simple high-speed pick and place XYZ Cartesian robot gantry system. The system required robust stiffness and high accuracy. Pick head travel and traverse movement were required to be direct, precise, and within the shortest time and route possible.

Solution: MacBUILT HBG Gantry System

Macron’s HBG gantry system features an XY Cartesian robot with mounting for any style Z axis unit, including screw-driven actuators, pneumatic actuators, and many end effectors such as vacuum heads or grippers.

MacBUILT HBG Gantry Systems Feature:

  • Engineered, multi-axis solutions to meet any specification
  • Modular construction allowing for easy customization
  • Macron’s limited 1-year warranty

System benefits:

The MacBUILT HBG gantry system is comprised of a single belt robot with 2 fixed position motor mounting locations to control and enable X and Y axis motion. This architecture does not require a motor to be mounted to the Y axis, which reduces the axis load and associated cable management and results in lower inertia and a higher speed of performance. This composition allows for high-speed, high-precision motion.

With a MacBUILT HBG gantry system, the only significant loading comes from the Z axis selection and the product load being manipulated. The system can be driven with direct drive motors or may be geared down with Macron MPG gearboxes, which eliminate the need for motor mounts. Profile rail guidance ensures accurate and smooth travel. Additionally, Macron’s proprietary belt technology guarantees long life and low maintenance.

HBG gantry systems can be configured for most any Cartesian robot application requirement. Macron’s MacFRAME line allows for customized, configurable framing architecture to support any of Macron’s linear actuators, belt drives, or gantry systems and allows long X and Y axis travels, which was imperative for this application.. In addition, MacBUILT HBG gantries can be created for light, standard and heavy duty applications by simply changing the belt and beam geometry.

Customer comments:

“Macron was tremendous in providing us a system that fit perfectly into our work envelope and easily met all our traverse performance requirements”

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