Job Stories Keyword: Pick and Place Automation

Biotech Pick and Place Tube Sorting Gantry

Macron recently delivered an XYZ pick and place gantry to a biotechnological machine manufacturer to be integrated into their tube sorting system.


MacBUILT Automation System Simplifies Packaging for DVD Fulfillment Center

Macron's MacBUILT MGS-14S recently provided the pick and place automation necessary to efficiently fill orders in a DVD fulfillment center.


High Speed Pick and Place System Using HBG Gantry in Biotech Application

A biotechnology company was in need of a simple high-speed pick and place XYZ Cartesian robot gantry system. The system required robust stiffness and high accuracy. Pick head travel and traverse movement were required to be direct, precise, and within the shortest time and route possible.


Macron 6 Linear Actuators Used in Pick and Place Packaging Automation System

The pick and place system is used in the clothing manufacturing industry and is an integral part of the clients packaging automation. Multiple Macron 6 belt driven linear actuators were used along with customized MacFRAME machinery framing.


6 Axis Gantry System Uses Macron 14 Actuators in Industrial Pick & Place Automation

This six (6) axis gantry system was designed to automate an industrial line using pick and place automation that moved two different items in two different locations (directions) at the same time.


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