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Choosing Linear Robotics to Solve Packaging Automation Challenges

Automation plays a large role in the packing industry. From pick & place to automated palletizing, see how you can use linear robots to solve packaging automation challenges.


High Speed Automated Palletizing Kit Eases Manual Packaging Process

Recently, a Macron Dynamics system integrator, Adaptive Innovations Corp. of Lakewood Colorado, developed a 2-axis, high speed X/Z Row Palletizing / De-palletizing system. To provide X/Z motion, the company integrated a Macron MGS-UC2 linear robot kit.


Macron Belt-Driven Actuators Carry 80lb Labeling Machine in High Speed Packaging Application

To assist a bulk mailing company with their high speed labeling efforts, Macron provided a unique multi-axis system, adjustable to different heights and widths to apply labels to a steady stream of various sized, randomly oriented packages.


Telescopic Z-Axis Provides Deep Reach Despite Spatial Constraint of Material Handlers

Macron recently supplied a client with a telescopic-z axis for their packaging XYZ gantry in order to fit within the client's spatial constraint.


Macron Low Cost, XY Gantry Selected for Automated Packaging Adhesive Dispensing Solution

When a client sought a solution to handle the programmable dispensing of adhesives for part of an automated packaging system, Macron engineers delivered. Macron Dynamics worked in conjunction with a distribution partner to design and manufacture a two axis XY, low cost gantry for this programmable adhesive dispensing application.


Macron 6 Linear Actuators Used in Pick and Place Packaging Automation System

The pick and place system is used in the clothing manufacturing industry and is an integral part of the clients packaging automation. Multiple Macron 6 belt driven linear actuators were used along with customized MacFRAME machinery framing.


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