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Large Scale Cartesian Gantry Provides X/Y Automation for Material Handling Application

As automation continues to rise in factories across the globe, large-scale applications are becoming a common challenge requiring unique, low footprint designs to fit within specified space constraints.


High Speed Automated Palletizing Kit Eases Manual Packaging Process

Recently, a Macron Dynamics system integrator, Adaptive Innovations Corp. of Lakewood Colorado, developed a 2-axis, high speed X/Z Row Palletizing / De-palletizing system. To provide X/Z motion, the company integrated a Macron MGS-UC2 linear robot kit.


Vertical Lift System for Product Transfer

A material handling system integrator required an economical solution for the vertical lift transfer of product carrying totes from one level of a horizontal conveyor to multiple option horizontal conveyors. The company had very little open floor space, so the system had to be created using mostly vertical space. Macron created a custom solution for this company’s inquiry including a custom MacBUILT actuator featuring a specialized length, custom carts, and a unique pulley system.


Macron 6 Linear Actuators Used in Pick and Place Packaging Automation System

The pick and place system is used in the clothing manufacturing industry and is an integral part of the clients packaging automation. Multiple Macron 6 belt driven linear actuators were used along with customized MacFRAME machinery framing.


Macron 14 Linear Actuators Help Move Heavy Loads in Automotive Automated Manufacturing

This automated motion system was designed for use in the automotive industry for moving very heavy loads from one area to another during the manufacturing process. The actuator cart for this application was a completely custom designed and manufactured by Macron mechanical motion engineers to accommodate very heavy loads.


Macron Dual 14 Linear Actuator XY Motion System For Very Tight Accuracy Specifications

This XY motion system used dual Macron 14 linear actuators to ensure extremely tight accuracy specifications were maintained in the manufacturing of window frames. The smooth operating, zero backlash belt driven actuators allowed that each part of the window frame would be brought together consistently and accurately each time for welding.


Macron 14 H Heavy Duty Linear Actuator Used In Automated Glass Cutting System

This automation system was designed for use in an industrial shop environment where large, heavy pieces of glass are cut. The glass cutting process where this system was installed had previously been carried out by hand.


Macron 14 Linear Actuator With Wrap Around Cart is Solution for Automated Welding System

Macron automation engineers were tasked with designing and manufacturing an automated welding system used for welding pipes in an industrial environment. The existing method used was to weld the pipes manually by hand. The client was seeking a faster, more precise and consistent process for welding the pipes.


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