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Anatomy of a MacBUILT Actuator

Need a linear actuator or system, but can't find one that meets your specific needs? A "MacBUILT" system may be just what you are looking for. These “MacBUILT” products can be configured to meet your needs.


h-bot linear robot

Scalable, Economical, Fast: The Advantages of T-Bot and H-Bot Gantries

Sometimes complex challenges require simple solutions. Both of the T-Bot and H-Bot products from Macron Dynamics are unique in that their simplistic design can complete difficult jobs more efficiently, providing scalable, economical, and fast gantry systems.


New “Mac-in-a-Box” H-Bot Designed for Wide Range of Applications

Macron recently unveiled their newest standard H-Bot Linear robot design, nicknamed the "Mac-in-a-Box," suitable for an endless amount of applications.


MacBUILT Semiconductor Device Processing H-Bot

To meet a client's spatial and motion requirements, Macron provided a MacBUILT XY Cartesian robot to aid in the development of a new product line.


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