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MSA-BT1 Options

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  • Durable, cost-effective alternative for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and expensive rod style actuators
  • Zero backlash belt to pulley design
  • Extruded base profile allows multiple side mounting and attachment of elements using T-slot nut fasteners
  • Designed for fast, easy replacement of spare parts
  • Open design does not retain contaminants and debris


Motion Horizontal or Vertical
Maximum Thrust Force – lbs – [N] 45 [200]
Minimum Travel – mm 150
Maximum Travel – mm 1000
Travel Increment – mm 25
Maximum Speed – mm/sec 2000
Maximum Acceleration – G’s 5
Repeatability – mm +/- 0.025
Positional Accuracy – mm/m of travel +/- 0.4
Minimum Travel Unit – mm [in] NA

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